Earle, William Eldon (McKechnie Section 1)

Recorded in a brief note in Woodiwiss' notebook. Woodiwiss had seen one silhouette, dated 1844, and states that Earl worked at Gun Lane, Norwich, as a cutter, offering the following range of work: 'Plain - 6d. Bronze - Is. Full-lengths - Plain Is. and bronzed 2s.' Some unidentified silhouettes of the 1840s in Norwich museums may possibly be by Earl. His low prices suggest that his work would not be of high quality.

One surmises from Woodiwiss' note that probably Earl used a printed trade label, worded something like the following:



4, Gun Lane


Plain black busts 6d: 'bronzed' 1s.

Full-lengths: Plain 1s. 'bronzed' 2s.