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Bingham, George (McKechnie Section 4)

See also Section Five

Recorded by Jackson (Dictionary), who mentions that Bingham worked on plaster, and also by Mayne, who appears to have seen an example of his work, since he mentions an address in Manchester and the date 1810. A profile of one Jane Brooks was formerly in the Wellesley collection, but is not illustrated by Mills.

George Bingham is listed in the Manchester street directory for 1811 at 21 Ridgefield, but his calling is not given, although this information is supplied in most of the entries on other individuals. Ridgefield is described in the directory as being located in 'back King Street'. Today Ridgefield is sited off Brazenose Street, which is near King Street. The same entry, but with no street number, is repeated for 1813 and 1815. Since Bingham is not listed in the directory either for 1809 or for 1817, we must conclude that he lived in Ridgefield c. 1810 - c. 1814.

As so little of his silhouette work is known, Bingham probably pursued other trades also. We do not know whether he painted any profiles outside Manchester, but he was evidently in practice sufficiently long to justify the use of a printed trade label. No examples of his work are available for illustration or description. His trade label mentions two prices, the lower of which was probably charged for profiles on plaster. The text of the label is as follows:

Likenesses in Miniature Profile

Taken by


Reduced in a manner entirely new, paints on composition, perfectly white and finished in the first Taste.

He also reduces them on ivory for Lockets, Rings, &c, from 6s. to 10s.

N.B. He keeps the Original Shade. Near the Infirmary, Manchester.