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Bingham, George

Date and place of birth:
Date and place of death:
(fl) 1794 - 1815
Known places of work:
Known techniques:
Painted on plaster
Known materials:
Pressed brass
Not recorded


George Bingham was an artist working in the late 18th and early 19th century, who specialised in painting on plaster and working with ivory. Little of his works are in existence, but from current examples it is clear that Bingham was a skilled silhouettist.

Very few details are known of Bingham’s life. Research by McKechnie suggests he lived in Ridgefield, Manchester at one point, where he possibly built organs for a living. Bingham used brass to frame his artworks, pressed into the desired shape around the portrait. Five trade labels belonging to Bingham are known, of various designs. This variation and quantity suggests he was a very prolific artist.

It is difficult to determine Bingham’s most typical styles and techniques, because so little of his work is in existence. However, in these few examples he uses black pigment to create his silhouettes, with detail to hair and clothing added in thinned pigment. Prolific at his time, modern reception to his work is mixed, as so little is available to see or purchase. Diana Joll does however believe that “he was capable of producing attractive work”.

Additional research about George Bingham:

Source: McKechnie (Author of, British Silhouette Artists and their Work 1760-1860)

Bingham, George (McKechnie Section 4)
Bingham, George (McKechnie Section 5)

Source: Joll (Hon. Secretary of the Silhouette Collectors Club and Editor of the Club's newsletter)

Bingham, George (SCC Newsletter November 1993)

Gallery Silhouettes

Front of Silhouette, in frame, with man looking rightFront of silhouette, in frame, with woman looking left, wearing a ribbon.Front of Silhouette, in frame, with woman looking left and wearing a hat decorated with  plume