Our silhouette experts - Mrs S McKechnie

Sue McKechnie was the author of British Silhouette Artists and their Work 1760-1860, a 1978 publication that, even today, is recognised as the silhouette 'bible'. Sue died in 1979 shortly after the publication of her treatise. We are fortunate to be able to offer you access to her research work and thank the current owner for permission to reproduce the material.

Recent comment about McKechnie's work:

Cynthia McKinley, Wigs on the Green Fine Art - If you only buy one reference book about silhouettes, make sure it's this one! With over 800 pages and 1,600 images, this is the most comprehensive and detailed guide to silhouettes available.

Amazon - A monumental work covering 1) the historical and technical background, 2) the costume of the period: a guide to the attribution and dating of silhouettes, and 3) the artists and their work (divided into 7 sections according to the method and medium of the work). Includes 5 appendices and 3 indices. Illustrated with 1678 images in black&white and 31 in color.

Note: If you want to purchase this book, bear in mind that it is out of print and that you will need to purchase a second-hand copy. Expect to pay about £100 plus significant 'post and packaging', as it's a heavy volume!