Profiles of the Past - recommended reading list

Below, you will find our recommended reading list for those interested in silhouette history. Our list comprises articles from periodicals, both old and new publications, and 'links' to online media. Many of the older references will require users to make purchases from second-hand book dealers or access material from library collections. The core of the list is derived from recommendations provided by McKechnie and Joll.

If you have any suggested additions to the list, please forward these to using the subject title, SILS reading list.


Author Journal Article Title Vol / Issue No. Date Pages Notes Subject
Ayrton, Michael McInnes Antique Collecting British portrait silhouettes Vol.11, No.7 Nov 1976 21-25    
Bamford, Joan Evening Post Take a careful look at profiles   21 Aug 1969 12 Joan Bamford is a journalist who writes for a number of papers ... and worked for 8 years for 'Country Fair' that is obviously not published any more  
Bamford, Joan Country Fair incorp Courier Fans and silhouettes   Oct 1969 42-43    
Bookshelf The Connoisseur Book review: Confessions of an incurable collector / Desmond Coke   Nov 1928 177    
Bray, Maurice I Postcard Magazine Likenesses in profile   Sep 1983 / Apr 1985      
Carrick, Alice van Leer Antiques Notes on Master Hubard Vol.4 Oct 1923 181-183   Master Hubard
Collector's Series Everything Has a Value Simple art that became a fashion   No date 70-71    
Crookshank, Anne Country Life Early Landscape Painters in Ireland   24 Aug 1972      
Current Art Notes The Connoisseur Image: F. Gordon Roe, writer of articles on silhouettes   Apr 1932 279    
Davis, Pat Country Magazine Shades of the past: the art of the silhouette   Jan 1990 27-28    
Editor's Attic Antiques Page Gillespie! Vol.17, No.6 Jun 1930 514   I.H. Gillespie
Editor's Attic Antiques More about Hubard Vol.5, No.6 Jun 1924 298[?]-301   Master Hubard
Frontispiece       No date      
Garratt, Jean Brighton and Hove Gazette Brightons treasures and trifles   8 Jul 1972      
Griffiths, Sally Country Homes and Interiors Shadowplay: Melissa Wyndham's striking collection of silhouettes   Jun 1995 36-37    
Herbert, Christabel Period House What did my mother look like?   Jan 1996 84-87    
Hickman, Mrs Dennis Connoisseur Miers' silhouette of Elizabeth Fry and others of the Gurneys of Earlham   1972 39-40    
Hickman, Peggy Country Life Silhouettes by Charles of the Strand   30 Aug 1962     Mrs Hickman also discusses the identity and provenance of Jorden's silhouette of Madame de Genlis.
Hickman, Peggy Country Life Fresh Light on Lea of Portsmouth   16 Jan 1969      
Hickman, Peggy Country Life The Art of Silhouette in Dublin   27 Jul 1971      
Hickman, Peggy Country Life Family Portraiture in Silhouette   29 Nov 1973      
Hickman, Peggy Country Life A life in outline: Lady Jane Dalrymple Hamilton (1779-1825)   16 Aug 1984 470-471   Lady Jane Dalrymple Hamilton
Hickman, Peggy Country Life The woman who refused to be queen   25 Jan 1962 181-182   Lady Sarah Lennox Napier
Hickman, Peggy Country Life The first English circus   4 Dec 1969 1462-1463    
Hickman, Peggy Antique Collector Index linked: [how silhouette prices have risen]   Mar 1982 62-63    
Hickman, Peggy   Silhouettes in England   No date 1302-1306    
Hickman, Peggy   Charm and variety in Victorian silhouettes   No date 94-96    
Hickman, Peggy Country Life Annual Silhouettist of conversation pieces   1963 148-150   Francis Torond
Hickman, Peggy Antique Collector Prints made from silhouettes: an unexplored field of book illustration   Feb 1970 33-36    
Hickman, Peggy Collectors Guide Charm and variety in Victorian silhouettes   Mar 1969 94-96    
Hickman, Peggy Collectors Guide Still time to find silhouettes   Nov 1963 40-42 Fig.3 is by Mrs Beetham and not Charles  
Hickman, Peggy Antique Collector Shadow portraits: a newly discovered 18th century pocket book of silhouettes   Feb 1963 14-18 Mrs Hickman discusses amateur portraits of the Kinder family, to whom Mrs Barbauld was related by marriage.  
Hickman, Peggy Apollo Children in silhouette   1962 157    
Hickman, Peggy Antiques The art of silhouette in Dublin before 1800   Aug 1962 150-152    
Hickman, Peggy Collectors Guide Silhouettes of the Netherlands   Mar 1973 85-87    
Hickman, Peggy Discovering Antiques Silhouettes in England No.55 No date 1303-1307    
Hickman, Peggy Connoisseur Some silhouettes at Rosenborg Castle   No date 34-36    
Hickman, Peggy Connoisseur The Andrews collection of silhouettes   Aug 1980 237-241    
Higgins, Katherine Sunday Express Magazine Shadow lands: ... the field of silhouette collecting is stronger than ever   22 Oct 1995 32-33    
Hill, Claudia Antique Collecting Silhouettes   Feb 1996 4-7    
Houfe, Simon   Looking for antiques: Silhouettes   No date vii    
Houfe, Simon   A fine outline: [...] this fascinating art and [...] what to look for   No date 108    
Hughes, G. Bernard Country Life English silhouettes: 1   27 Apr 1945 726-727    
Hughes, G. Bernard Country Life A master with the scissors   14 Apr 1950 1028-1029   William James Hubard
Hughes, G. Bernard Country Life English silhouettes: II   4 May 1945 770-771 Annotated  
Hughes, G. Bernard Country Life Portraits modelled in wax   22 Mar 1962 658-659    
Hughes, Kathryn Sunday Telegraph magazine Southern discomfort: [Kara Walker talks about her work]   22 Sep 2013 44-49   Kara Walker
Hughes, Thele Homes and Gardens Silhouettes: variations of this elegantly simple art   1950 24-25    
Image Antique Trade Gazette Pair of coloured plaster profiles by W. Phelps (b/w image)   19 Sep 1998      
Jackson, E Nevill The Connoisseur Jack Dempsey, Silhouettist   Nov 1928      
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Silhouette portraits in the Royal Collections: part 2 Vol.90, No.375 Nov 1932 287-298    
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur John Field, profilist   Nov 1931 316-318,321   John Field
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Advert: History of Silhouettes   Sep 1911 xiv Pre publication advert  
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Advert: History of Silhouettes   Apr 1912 xxiv On sale now advert  
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Silhouette portraits in the Royal Collections: part 3   Dec 1932 359-367    
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Silhouette portraits in the Royal Collections: part 1 Vol.90, No.374 Oct 1932 217-228    
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur John Miers, profilist (1758-1821)   Sept 1930[?] 165-172    
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur The Royal Americans   Sep 1928 18-20    
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Anti-slavery relics   Jan 1927 Sep-17 Not much [in the article] re silhouettes  
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Major Andre - silhouettist   Dec 1926 209-218 Amateur artist - requires more research  
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Shadows of a court   Dec 1933 392, 395-396    
Jackson, Mrs F Nevill The Connoisseur Silhouettes   May 1906 p11-17    
Jackson, Mrs Neville Connoisseur The shadow of Scott   Sept 1932 169-171    
Johnson, Louise Sussex Life Simply silhouettes   Mar 1999      
Knowles, Eric Homes and Antiques Antiques Roadshow: price guide   Oct 2000 119-120    
Knowles, Eric Homes and Antiques Collectors' Corner: Silhouettes   Mar 1999      
Lord, Jeanette Mather Antiques Some light on Hubard Vol.13, No.6 1928 485   Master Hubard
Mackay, James Financial Times Collecting wisely: charm of silhouettes   No date   Mr Mackay worked in the British Museum at the time. J. Pollock queried is dating of the verre eglomise works  
Mallalieu, Huon Country Life Around the salerooms   22 May 2003 116-117    
Manners, Guy Investors Chronicle Walking shadows: [investing in silhouettes]   16 Jan 1970 177 Jack Pollak seems to have provided material for this article - see attached letters  
Martin, Mary The Connoisseur Some American profiles and their makers Vol.24 Jan 1926 87-98    
Mayne, Arthur Country Life Not strictly English school   20 May 1953 824-825    
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector The blazing myth and kindred matters   Apr 1969 89-94 Early profile miniatures  
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector Profile miniatures at the V&A: a slight casualty of war   Aug 1965 161-165    
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector The FitzHerbert attribution   Jun 1968 134-138    
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector The three masters of silhouette: Joliffe, Miers and Edouart   Feb 1953 29-31    
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector The Steuarts of Allanbank: a family of shades painted by the incomparable John Miers   Aug 1958 138-143    
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector Parenthesis on Phelps: 'versatility' of a rare profile miniaturist   Jun 1970 132-136    
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector The brothers Jorden: an important find of a royal profile miniature group   Oct 1969 233-238 Fig 6 is by Harraden and nothing to do with Wellings!  
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector In the genteelest possible taste   Dec 1953 256-259    
Mayne, Arthur Antique Collector Profile Miniatures at the V&A: The Pollak Collection   Feb 1966 32-38    
McCormack, Helen G Sunday Magazine section Virginia enriched by Hubard silhouette   No date 3   William James Hubard
McCormack, Helen G Antiques The Hubard Gallery duplicate book   No date 68-69   Master Hubard
McKechnie, Sue Country Life A Profilist of Georgian Bath   10 Jan 1963      
McSwiggan, Kevin Antique Dealer and Collectors' Guide Collecting Georgian silhouettes   Mar 1997 32-35    
Meadows, Margaret The Girl's Realm Something about silhouettes   No date 815-820   Girls Realm was pub c1880-1915
Megroz, R. L. Jack O'London's Weekly Portraits in black paper: [...] Shadow art and the historian   26 Aug 1938 740-742    
Mehlman, Felice Antique Collector Portraits of a different mould   Jul 1981 44-47   Wax modelling
Menzies, W. G. Woman's Journal Silhouettes of yesterday   Feb 1929 72-    
Middleton, L. I. Antique Collector Manners and modes in 'shadow portraits'   4 Jul 1931 109-111    
Middleton, L. I. Homes and Gardens Shadows of the past   May 1931 514-515    
Mills, Weymer The Connoisseur 'Some Early Victorians in Shadow'   Jan 1911      
Mills, Weymer Jay The Connoisseur Mr Francis Wellesley's collection of profile portraits   Sep 1911 215-222    
Milner, Catherine Watercolourist Magazine Black looks and dark reflections: the continuing importance of the silhouette portrait Vol.6, No.1 1991 40-43    
Morrison, Amanda House Beautiful Silhouette show   Feb 1995 106-108   Using silhouettes in everyday life - includes templates
Negus, Arthur Collectors Guide Collectors item: silhouettes   No date     Silhouette collecting
Neve, Christopher Country Life As black as they were painted   22 Jun 1972 1604-165    
Newman, Michael Homes and Antiques Shadow play: [dating silhouettes]   Sep 1999 72-73   Recognition of silhouettes
Notes The Connoisseur W. Mason, profilist   Mar 1928 165    
Notes The Connoisseur Silhouettes by Frith   Nov 1915 166-167   Frith
Notes The Connoisseur A 'silhouette' paperweight   Jul 1928 167    
Notes The Connoisseur Silhouettes   No date 251-252    
Notes The Connoisseur Profiles 'A la Marlborough'   Aug 1927 230-231    
Notes The Connoisseur Another silhouette by Major Andre   Jan 1927 37-39 This note followed main article on Andre in previous ed of Connoisseur  
Notes and Queries The Connoisseur W. Phelps, profilist   May 1930 318   W. Phelps
O'Brien, Damien Bandon Historical Journal M Edouart in Bandon 1835 No.13 1997 3-8    
Painting and Prints Devon Arts Marcelle Shears: custodian of an old tradition   No date 12    
Piper, David The Listener The poor man's miniature   6 Dec 1951 967    
Pollak, J. A. The Connoisseur Fresh Light on Silhouette'   Mar 1949      
Pollak, Jack Draft Identification of English silhouettes   No date   Draft - sent to Joll by Bonhams from his sale there - available to view at Regency Town House  
Pollak, Jack Draft Decadence? 1830-50   No date   Handwritten draft (from Bonhams left over from his sale) - available to view at Regency Town House  
Pollak, Jack Antique Collector Profile art in decadence? 1830-50   Oct 1955 209-211    
Pollak, Jack Antique Collector Rare silhouettes by John Miers   Apr 1952 71-73    
Pollak, Jack Antique Collector Identifying English silhouettes   Nov/Dec 1948 206-209    
Pollak, Jack Antique Collector Collecting 18th century silhouettes for value   Oct 1977 86-87    
Pollak, Jack Draft Collecting 18th century silhouettes wisely 1775-1805   No date   Draft - from Bonhams, left over from sale - available to view at Regency Town House  
Pollak, Jack A. Antique Collector The silhouette on jewellery and china   May 1978 74-75    
Pollak, Jack A.   Silhouette Jewellery and china   No date   Typescript draft of article - available to view at Regency Town House  
Prevett, Nana Antique Collectors Club The art of economy: Letter to a new collector of silhouettes   No date 14-15    
Pugh, Carol Dealer Shedding light and shade on the humble silhouette   Jun 1999 44-45    
Pyke, E. J. Country Life Ingenious art of two wax modellers   14 Jul 1966 86-87   Bernard Caspar Hardy, Samuel Percy
Pyke, E. J. Country Life Portraits from the wax   14 Oct 1965 987-988    
Rackham, Bernard The Connoisseur Mr Wallace Elliot's collection of English porcelain (3rd article)   Oct 1927 83-89 The John Wall [-] was not in the article, but belongs to the collection.  
Richens, Helen M. The Lady Another ancient art could die   16 Mar 1972 433,450-451    
Riley, Martin Antique Collector William Wellings' silhouettes   Jun 1989 142-146   William Wellings
Riley, Martin Antique Collector William Wellings' silhouettes   Jun 1989 142-145   William Welling
Ritchan The Connoisseur Hair portraiture   Nov 1928 392-393 According to Bath Guide of 1825, Edouart was working there as a 'modeller' about April in Quiet St.  
Roe, F. Gordon Apollo A Forgotten Group of Profilists   Nov 1935      
Roe, F. Gordon The Connoisseur A Family in Silhouette   Dec 1924      
Roe, F. Gordon The Connoisseur Shades of Goethe   Apr 1932 254-256   Goethe
Roe, F. Gordon The Connoisseur Dickens, Thackeray and the silhouette   Aug 1928 233-234    
Roe, F. Gordon The Connoisseur Some silhouettes in fiction   Nov 1929 312    
Rose, Dennis Antique Collector James Tassie's miniature portraits   Feb 1984 68-71   James Tassie
Rothery, Gus Cadogan Antique Collectors Club Silhouettes   No date 52-53 Publication details uncertain  
Rutherford, Emma Homes & Antiques Silhouettes [a look at the growing band of followers]   Feb 2012 105-109    
Seddon, Peter Derbyshire Life Edward Foster: a master in profile   Jul 2009 170-173 From / Includes email querying identification of one piece Edward Foster
Simpson, Bill Western Morning News A choice of perfect Christmas presents: book review   12 Dec 1998 18    
Skinner, Basil Scotland's Magazine Edouart in Scotland   Apr 1961 28-32    
Smith, Howard Postcard Magazine Silhouettes: a postcard outline   Sep 1983 / Apr 1985      
Stewart, Clare The Times Art in black and white: [...] the history and appeal of silhouettes   1 Mar 2003      
Swan, Mabel M. Antiques A neglected aspect of Hubard   Oct 1931 222-223   William J Hubard
Swan, Mabel M. Antiques Master Hubard, profilist and painter   Jun 1929 496-500   Master Hubard
Taylor, Peter Collectors Guide Silhouettes: Georgian profile miniatures   Sep 1981 54-55    
Taylor, Peter D Antique Dealer and Collectors' Guide Profile miniatures by John Miers and his school   No date 64-65    
Tenent, Rose The Lady Portraits in Profile   1 Dec 1992 50-51    
Thomas, Yvonne National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (NFOP) Changing faces: silhouette portraiture   No date 16-17   Diana Joll / Silhouette Collectors Club
Tuer, Andrew W. The English Illustrated magazine The art of silhouetting Issue 82 Jul 1890 747-752    
Unknown   Robert Friend   No date   Article available to view at Regency Town House Robert Friend
Unknown Country Life Black shades   1 Dec 1928 778-779 Photocopy from microfiche - poor quality  
Unknown   John Field, profilist, and his family   No date   Annotated typescript  
Unknown Antique Collector It is yours, Sir!': art at auction, a London year in retrospect   Feb 1967   23  
Unknown Antique Collecting Index to articles April 1966-1998   No date      
Unknown Antique Trade Gazette Crossover appeal helps artists to new heights   6 Mar 1999      
Unknown Antiques Trade Gazette Teerlinc's noble portrayal previewed   7 Nov 1998      
Unknown Antiques Trade Gazette Egan silhouette overshadows rivals   7 Nov 1998      
Unknown Sunday Times Silhouettes cast enduring shadow   21 Jun 1998 9    
Unknown Town House Times Silhouettes No.15 Jan 2003 4-5    
Unknown Collectors Guide Image: Ad for Boswell and Ward, London   1963      
Unknown The Queen Shadows of the past: The fascination of collecting silhouettes   16 Feb 1930      
Unknown Antique Collectors Club Silhouette portraits Vol.3, No.11 Mar 1969 6-13    
Vandell, Jane Antiques in the West Country Silhouettes: due for a serious revival of interest   Mar 2000 4-5 Article refers to a sale at Bonhams Knightsbridge in March 2000  
Ward, Susan Art & Antiques Weekly Big names in the miniature gallery   9 Sep 1972 17-21    
Warren, Geoffrey   On the shady side   No date      
Wills, Geoffrey The Countryman Shadows of the past   Spring 1975 113-117    
Wood, Elizabeth Davys   Painting miniatures: Ch.10 The charm of the silhouette   No date 114-120   Pub: A&C Black, London
Woodiwiss, J. C. Country Life Shades of the Past   8 Apr 1965      
Woodiwiss, J. C. Country Life Heyday of the Brighton Profilists   8 Nov 1962      
Woodiwiss, John Country Life The ingenious Beetham family   26 Jan 1961 169-170   Beetham Family
Woodiwiss, John   The Beethams   No date   Typescript draft of article - available to view at Regency Town House Beetham Family
Woodiwiss, John Country Life A French profilist of British fame   20 Apr 1961 903, 905 Silhouettes annotated Augustin Edouart
Woodiwiss, John   Augustin Edouart   No date   Annotated typescript of article - available to view at Regency Town House Augustin Edouart
Woodiwiss, John Country Life Master of the common scissors   3 May 1962 1039-1040   William James Hubard
Woodiwiss, John Country Life Profilists in practice: the art of the Field family   18 Nov 1965 1337, 1339   John Field
Woodiwiss, John Country Life Silhouette curiosities   21 Apr 1960 855-856    
Woodiwiss, John Country Life A master profilist   20 Dec 1965 1463-1464   John Miers
Woodiwiss, John Country Magazine Edward Foster: Derbyshire silhouettist and centenarian Vol.27, No.6 Oct/Nov 1962 24-25 This article is interestingly not complete and not possible now to get a copy as printers no longer in being  
Woodiwiss, John Draft Edward foster, Derby silhouettist   No date   Complete copy of article in Country Magazine - available to view at Regency town House  
Woodiwiss, John Homeowner John Miers: Yorkshire profilist   Jan 1959 21   John Miers
Woodiwiss, John   Royal silhouettes   No date   68-68  
Woodiwiss, John Antique Dealer and Collectors' Guide Charles Rosenberg, profilist   Jan 1953 29-31    
Woodiwiss, John Draft 19th century profiles   No date   ? Whether published as turned into article 'Nineteenth century silhouettes' - available to view at Regency Town House  
Woodiwiss, John Antique Dealer and Collectors' Guide Nineteenth century silhouettes   Oct 1947 13-14    
Woodiwiss, John Apollo XVIIIth century profiles   Mar 1950 82-83    
Woollcombe, Joan Collectors Guide Hand-made history in Victorian albums   Jun 1966 64-66    



Author Title Date Publisher Edition Series Notes
Biealski, Ernst Scherenschnitt and Schattenrisse 1964 Munich: Verlag George D. W. Callwey      
Bolton, E. S. Wax Portraits and Silhouettes 1915 Boston: National Society of the Colonial Dames of America, Massachusetts Branch 2nd    
Carrick, Alice Van Leer Shades of our Ancestors 1928 Boston: Little, Brown     Republished with the title A History of American Silhouettes (Rutland, Vermont, Tuttle, 1968). This not only contains information about American silhouette artists, but also details of some British artists who worked in the United States.
Coke, Desmond The Art of Silhouette 1913 London: Secker      
Coke, Desmond Confessions of an Incurable Collector 1928 London: Chapman and Hall      
Hickman, Peggy Silhouettes 1968 London: Cassell   Collectors' Pieces' Series, No. 13  
Hickman, Peggy Two Centuries of Silhouette: Celebrities in Profile 1971 London: Black      
Jackson, E. Nevill The History of Silhouettes 1911 London: Connoisseur      
Jackson, E. Nevill Silhouette. Notes and Dictionary 1938 London: Methuen      
Mayne, Arthur British Profile Miniaturists 1970 London: Faber      
Mégroz, Rodolphe L Profile Art through the Ages. A Study of the Use and Significance of Pro file and Silhouette from the Stone Age to Puppet Films 1948 London: Art Trade Press      
Mills, Weymer One Hundred Silhouettes from the Wellesley Collection 1912 Oxford: University Press      
Piper, David Shades: An Essay on English Portrait Silhouettes 1970 New York: Chilmark Press      
Roe, F. Gordon Women in Profile: A Study in Silhouette 1970 London: Baker      
Woodiwiss, John C British Silhouettes 1965 London: Country Life      
Jackson, E. Nevill Catalogue of 5,200 named and dated English Silhouette Portraits by August Edouart 1789-1861 1911 London: Walbrook      
Jackson, E. Nevill Ancestors in Silhouette, cut by August Edouart 1921 London and New York: Lane      
Edouart, Augustin A Treatise on Silhouette Likenesses by Monsieur Edouart, Silhouettist to the French Royal Family and patronized by His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, and the Principal Nobility of England, Scotland and Ireland 1835 London: Longman; Cork: Bolster; Edinburgh: Fraser      
McCormack, Helen G William James Hubard 1948 Richmond, United States: Valentine Museum     A catalogue
Kendrick, James Profiles of Warrington Worthies 1853 Warrington: J. Haddock and Sons     A series of thirty silhouettes of distinguished inhabitants of Warrington, lithographed by Holden, with short biographical notes; with plates showing historic buildings of Warrington, lithographed by H. J. Bellares
May, L Morgan, A Master of Silhouette: John Miers, Portrait Artist 1757-1821 1938 London: Secker      
Wheeler-Holohan, V The History of the King's Messengers 1935 London: Grayson     This contains information about Rosenberg's last years, as well as miscellaneous information relevant to the period when silhouettes were popular.
McKechnie, Sue Jacob Spornberg, Eighteenth Century Artist from Finland 1971 London: Tabard Press      
Skipton, H. P. K John Hoppner 1905 London: Methuen     This contains information about Mrs Wright
Beetham, Frederick Mrs Beetham Silhouettist 1931       Unpublished typescript (No. 72 D 25) in the collection of typescripts in the library of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Britten, F. J. Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers 1973 London 8th ed.    
Dunlap, William A History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design in the United States 1918 Boston: Goodspeed New ed.   New ed., illustrated, with additions by Frank W. Bayley and Charles E Goodspeed and bibliography by Frank H. Chase, 3 vols
Felt, Joseph B. The Annals of Salem, from its First Settlement 1827 Salem, Massachusetts     This contains information about American silhouette artists (see Appendix Five)
Furst, H. Original Engraving and Etching 1931 London and Edinburgh: Nelson and Jack      
Godden. Geoffrey A. Coalport and Coalbrookedale Porcelains 1970 London: Jenkins      
Hand, Sidney Signed Miniatures 1924 London: Hand      
Hayden. Arthur, and Bunt, G. E. Old Prints 1956 London, Bonn      
Hughes, Therle Prints for the Collector 1970 London: Lutterworth      
Williamson, G. C., Catalogue of a Collection of Miniatures belonging to the Lord Hothfield 1916 London, Chiswick Press      
Williamson, G. C., John Downman, A. R. A.: his Life and Works. With a Catalogue of his Drawings 1907 London: Connoisseur     The dated illustrations can be useful for dating silhouettes by the sitters' costume; also, the lists of sitters can be useful for identifying the sitters of silhouettes. Extra number 2
  Press Cuttings from English Newspapers on Matters of Artistic Interest         3 vols, Press Mark PP 17G; Library, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
McSwiggan, Kevin Silhouettes 1997 Princes Riseborough: Shire Publications      
Hasler, Julie Silhouettes in cross stitch 1993 Devon: David Porteous      
Marsh, Honoria D Shades from Jane Austen 1975 Parry Jackman      
Laughon, Helen and Nel Auguste Edouart: a Quaker album 1987 Richmond VA: Cheswick Press      
Oliver, Andrew Auguste Edouart: silhouettes of eminent Americans 1839-1844 1977 Virginia: University Press of Virginia      
Rutherford, Emma Silhouette: the art of the shadow 2009 Rizzoli International      
Burns, Charles Mastering silhouettes 2012 London, Fil Rouge Press, 2012 and New York, Stackpole Books, 2012     Expert instruction in the art of silhouette portraiture
Moss, Olly Silhouettes from popular culture 2012 Titan Books      
Rendell, Jerry Profiles of the First World War: the silhouettes of Capt. H.L. Oakley 2013 The History Press      



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