Our silhouette experts - Miss D Joll

Diana Joll is the Secretary of the Silhouette Collectors Club, a UK-based organisation that has progressed silhouette research over more than 30 years. Diana is the editor of the Club's regular newsletter and one of its principal contributors. We are fortunate to have Diana as a consultant to the Profiles project.

The Profiles website offers you more than 100 articles about silhouette artists, reproduced from the Club's newsletters.

The Silhouette Collectors Club aims to bring together people that share an interest in collecting Silhouettes. We encourage you to join and benefit from the expertise of members and the organisations regular newsletters.

Comments about the Silhouette Collectors Club:

Steve Abbott, UK-based Silhouette Artist - I am now an active member of the Silhouette collectors club and am pleased to see its popularity growing.

B. M. Jones, USA-based Silhouette blogger - There is a very interesting, and a very informative, as well, "club" across the Atlantic. The writer/publisher is one knowledgeable researcher on the subject of British silhouettes.