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Silhouette exhibition details

Here are the final details for the upcoming silhouette exhibition:

Profiles of the Past - 250 years of British Portrait Silhouette History

Exhibition extras

As we finalise the silhouette exhisition details, we are arranging a series of great supplemental talks and workshops. Among these will be a presentation by Professor Lou Taylor from the University of Brighton, a talk by Jerry Rendell about Captain H. L. Oakley, the great 20th C war silhouettist, an 'Antiques Road-show' type event, for those with silhouettes in their care, sessions on the history and use of silhouette machines, and cutting demonstrations by the contemporary silhouette artist, Charles Burns. See this website as of 1 July for final details of all exhibition events.

Dresser secured

We are busy planning our summer silhouette exhibition. e-j Scott, from the University of Brighton, has very generously volunteered to assist with the dressing of the mannequins exhibiting some of Marion May's costume collection. e-j is a highly gifted student who has studied at Brighton as both an under-grad and post-grad. Soon he will complete his Masters and begin a PhD. I wonder in the UK will be lucky enough to retain his talents, or whether he will move abroad for his final years studying?

Young volunteer

Recently, we have had a young volunteer called Kimberley working with us from Downs Park Community Special School in Brighton & Hove. The daughter of a regular volunteer, Kimberley has assisted us with various tasks and been very helpful indeed. Set out below is an entry written by Kimberley for our blog, explaining some of the things she learnt about silhouettes during the week she spent with us.

Developer magic

Beginning to see content appearing on the staging server now, it is not yet beautifully styled but it's live on the system, what a treat. They tell me that some of the material will be on the public site soon. hang on . . .

Hand over

Today we handed all the biog content to the developers, it will now be several weeks while they work their magic but then we will all see the result of our last 11 months work become available in the public domain. Go on developers, weave your magic . . .

Close to the end of biog work

We are now very close to having completed all the biog work that we have set ourselves. In the next few weeks we will be able to hand the material to our development team and they can start configuring the content for our system. It will be thrilling to see the material sitting live on the main server, albeit, I'm sure, we will be making the odd correction to data for months to come, there's so much of it!

We are having a good Brighton Festival

Lots of visitors to this year's Brighton Festival exhibition at the Town House and therefore lots of people being introduced to the Profiles project. We are getting really good attendance and excellent interest levels for our silhouette initiative. Hopefully, lots of this May's visitors will return in August.

Never rains . . .

A health problem resolved! It's finally been determined that my mother's heart is in need of mechanical assistance. After an interminable time suffering with black outs, etc., she is to get a pace maker. It will be a fine day when, recovered from the operation, she can enjoy a walk across the Common once again with her dog. It helps the concentration too, to know that she is being offered a solution to an ongoing problem. Silhouettes, you will soon have my undivided attention once again.

Workshop for volunteers

We are staging a silhouette machine workshop for volunteers today. If you want to be involved but have not yet put your name down, please do so ASAP :-) Nick.


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