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See us on BBC2

Episode two of the BBC  series The Face of Britain will showcase silhouettes. You will be able to see some fantastic portraits, some cutting skills demostrated and hear Simon Schama speaking about this form of portraiture.

Catch the programme at 9pm on Wednesday 7 October.

A good start

The Face of Britain seems to have been well received by the critics, with the Indy's TV reviewer saying, 'The historian proves he is the master of giving us the bigger picture' and 'The Face of Britain confirmed what I already knew: Simon Schama would be a great dinner party guest. The historian and presenter has a knack of illuminating stories, including oft-trodden ones, with intimate details like one of those “well-placed sources” the gossip mags like to trot out.'

The 2nd instalment is on BBC2 at 9pm on Wednesday 7 October.

Programmes start this week

Finally! The 5-part TV series The Face of Britain, presented by Professor Simon Schama and focusing on  British portrait history starts this week. 

Simon Schama's profile

When Professor Simon Schama visited us recently, during the making of The Face of Britain, the upcoming 5-part TV series about British portrait history, we naturally took lots of photos. One of these was against the light and this has turned out to provide a reasonable profile! We thought you might all like to see a copy!

TV programme in edit

The Face of Britain, a major 5-part TV series presenting British portrait history and presented by Professor Simon Schama is now in edit. The programmes are to be screened in the Autumn, with one of the broadcasts containing a section about silhouette portraiture.

Filming this week

The time has come! Oxford Film and Television are down to film here for The Face of Britain this weekend.


We are looking forward to meeting historian Simon Schama and the crew. 


Recent questions, recent discoveries

Over the last few months we've received some really great emails from individuals and organisations asking questions about silhouette artists and techniques. We are always happy to try and answer enquiries so, if there's a silhouette that's puzzling you, please do take it's picture and sent it along for our diagnosis!

More on the TV programme

Oxford Film & Television, who specialise in award-winning factual programmes, are currently producing, The Face of Britain, a major 5-part series presenting a history of the nation through portraiture

Professor Simon Schama will present the series, which is made in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery for BBC 2.

One of the programmes is being made with a section focused on silhouette portraiture, so be sure to set your video or smart TV to record the series.

TV programme soon

For several months, we've been talking with a TV production company about participating in a 5-part BBC series focused on portrait history. It seems that the series is now confirmed and that filming will be taking place over the next few weeks.

One of the programmes will be running a short section about silhouette portrait art, hence our discussions, and we hope to be demonstrating the use of the silhouette machine for the presenter. More about him later but, for now, let's just say he's a well known name . . . 


Student inputs

For the last few months, we have had several European students contributing to the development of the Profiles website, while they undertake work placements with us. We are especially grateful to Alina and Lena from Germany, and Magdalena from  Austria, for their hard work processing and tagging images of silhouettes. 


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