Crowhurst, George Angelo

Date and place of birth:
Bapt.16 March 1795, Framfield, Sussex
Date and place of death:
Dec. 26 January 1839, 3 York Place, Brighton
fl. 1828 to 1838
Known places of work:
Known techniques:
Cut work, painted work on paper, card and ivory. Used 'Physiognotrace' machine
Known materials:
paper, card and ivory
Giltwood, inc. Rosewood with giltwood surround, Maplewood & Papier-mache


Born in Sussex, there is no evidence Crowhurst ever left the county. By 1823 he had moved to Brighton, initially working as a Writing Master. As a profilist from ca. 1828, he stepped into the vacuum left by sometime resident silhouettist George Atkinson, who for reasons unknown departed the town. In turn both men used 40 Old Steine as a work address.
A competent artist and versatile copyist, his bronzed bust line compositions are so similar to Atkinson’s that attributions without a trade label, signature or date are problematic.
Producing cut or painted profiles, full-length or bust size, Crowhurst also offered works on ivory, en grisaille or coloured. However, only one work on ivory is recorded. Signed conversation pieces are painted in colours. The bulk of his extant output are bronzed bust line compositions housed in papier mâché frames.
Virtually all signed works bear 40 Old Steine as a work address. 11 Old Steine was a temporary studio in December 1835, as No 40 was fire damaged. In 2021 
4 Poole Lane, a previously unknown work address, was discovered on the rear of a signed full-length work. Undoubtedly it was Crowhurst’s initial address as a profilist.
Though long assumed to have worked into the 1840s, his death was recorded in Brighton in January 1839.
Revised 4 April 2022 (Brian Wellings)


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