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Aldous, W. (McKechnie Section 2)

Recorded by Jackson (Dictionary) by virtue of the fine illustrated print of the profile of the Duke of York. Jackson notes that the Royal Academy catalogues list a portrait (1824) of a nephew of General Riego painted by an artist named Aldous. Foskett states that a W. Aldous was exhibiting at the Royal Academy 1824-25 from 15 Great Russell Street, London, and the Royal Academy catalogues for 1825 list (No. 718) a portrait by W. Aldous (presumably the same artist) of a Mr Marston. As the address in Great Russell Street is the same as that shown on the silhouette print of the Duke of York, it seems that the profilist was indeed the W. Aldous recorded by Foskett and presumably the painter of the nephew of General Riego and of Mr Marston, even though (on the print) Aldous' name is not preceded by an initial. The print is merely inscribed 'Drawn on stone by Mr Aldous'. This implies that Aldous engraved the stone, having presumably first painted the silhouette. Although the print is undated, it is possible that it was produced by Aldous as a stock selling line after the Duke's death in 1827.

We can conclude that Aldous was working at least as early as 1824 and perhaps as late as 1827, probably as a miniaturist as well as an engraver.

Ill. 654

Prince Frederick
Print after a silhouette by Aldous


The duke was the second son of George III and Queen Charlotte.


National Portrait Gallery, London, No. 94, p. 49